Here are some of the more common issues we see clients facing over and over. Know that you are not alone and that we really can help you. After 15 years developing and designing for our clients, we have heard your story before.

"I'm ready to create my first web site but don't know where to start"

It's a great first step to create a web site for your business or brand. Web sites are essential when so many people are using the web to search, discover, and find content and businesses just like yours.

We can provide a complete solution for your business that includes great Design, Branding, Marketing strategy, and a web site that promotes your business effectively to your site visitors and fans.

We take great care with every client to make sure they understand how to use their new web site. All of our web sites come standard with:

  • Ability to update any area of the site yourself
  • SEO optimized so the web site shows up in search engines
  • Mobile-friendly design so that the web site looks great on all devices

View all the features of our web site design solutions here.

"My current web site is out dated"

With the pace of change in Internet Marketing and Technology, we know how quickly web sites can look outdated. We can provide a completely new website that looks great, is more mobile-friendly, and is properly designed for search engines.

We take into account all of your Marketing goals and wishes and will build a website that you will be proud to share with your friends, family, and business partners.

View our Website Design services here to learn more about all the great features

"I don't have time to manage all my Social Networks like Facebook/Twitter/etc"

Life was simpler when we didn't have so many social networks and search engines to keep track of. Those days, sadly, are gone. Users are everywhere now and if you want to grow your business, you need to be everywhere too. There are a lot of social networks - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, the list goes on and on - but you don't have to be present on every one of them if your business is still just starting out. Large corporations have a full-time Marketing and Writing team, but for most business owners, outsourcing social media is far more cost-effective.

We create customized Social Media Marketing packages where we do all the writing and updates for you, automatically. We manage the audience, the message, and help you get new customers using your own voice and brand identity. It's important that users see regular updates from your business so that they remember you when they need your product/service at some point in the future. Users will also share your updates with their own friends and followers, so providing regular updates is crucial to success on Social Networks.

Please visit our Social Media Marketing page for more information and see how we can remove the pain of managing all your Social networks.

"I'm a Makeup Artist. Can you help me?"

Yes!  We certainly can because we understand your challenges very well! We have worked with a few Makeup Artists in Vancouver already and have a lot of experience we can draw from to help you. We understand the challenges of being a Weekend Warrior and how important it is that your free weekends book up quickly with bridal and special events makeup work.

We know how challenging Makeup artistry can be. You have to maintain new styles and looks, you have to perform your best with every client, and you have to work on your business to make it grow.

We have already guided our existing clients in the Makeup industry extremely well with Web strategy, Marketing Guidance, Web Design, Graphic Design, and Social Media Marketing.

Let us help you build your business and get found on search engines and social networks.

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