Thoughts on Building a New Site from a Web Developer

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We have spent the last few months developing this web site. It seems like it’s always a more difficult journey when we are building our own site vs one for our clients. Usually, for a web designer, they are trying to present themselves in a unique way, trying to be different or special, or get noticed. Initially, we did some idea creation around a better design then our previous version which you can see below.



After reflecting, however, on what our main purpose was for this new site – drive more conversions – we ultimately decided that design doesn’t matter as much we think. If you are an entrepreneur, you want to believe design plays a significant role. It doesn’t. Well, at least not to the degree you think it does. Everywhere we look, pages are becoming more “conversion-driven” in their approach.

Conversions are starting to matter more and more because of the ever-shorter attention spans of the typical Internet user. Internet speeds are faster, Google search is better, and there are more and more links popping up on social networks trying to steal your time and attention away.

Seth Godin has been talking about this a lot. How Attention and Loyalty are the new currency.

So does Eben Pagan, one of our other favorite experts on matters of Marketing.

After a lot of thought, we came to the conclusion that Conversions would be our main priority going forward. Not just with our own web site, but with clients as well. It’s becoming more and more important given the fractured nature of how we use the web now. You have mere seconds in most cases to capture someone’s interest long enough for them to make a commitment.

You can also see little indicators of this Conversion mindset in our commitment box below. It’s a small box that appears on nearly every page asking the visitor to commit to interacting with us. It asks the user to enter a name and optional email (some people don’t like giving their email address away with so much email marketing and spam already in their inbox).


We do understand that with a Professional Services company like ours, users typically will not buy online without some due diligence and interaction with us and so we have architected our site to make this interaction take place.

In the future, we plan to add some easy-to-buy products on our site, like e-books, premium videos, training resources and the like but haven’t committed to that strategy yet (we are thinking of Amazon publishing instead).

In future blog posts we will add more information about the results this new conversion-centric design produces.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.